Jay Hu – Born in Peru, raised in NYC and now resides in LA.  Jay has been involved with music since 1995 and has been recording/mixing and producing for since 2008. 

Leeroy GreenStaxx – Born and Raised in LI, NY LGS has been playing with Churches since early on.  He started producing in 2002 and joined ThatsDopeMusic in 2010. 

Hbomb – Born and raised in NYC, Hbomb has been producing since 2006 and joined ThatsDopeMusic in 2010.

ThatsDopeMusic is a combination of Mixing/Mastering services, and the Dopest Beats you can find. We have a wide variety of beats and producers (LeeroyGreen Staxx and Hbomb) that uphold the name, Thats Dope Music. Please listen and enjoy.


Royce Da 5′ 9, M.O.P, Immortal Technique, Craig G, Sadat X, Cheif Kamachi, Kool G Rap, Tanya Morgan, Foster, Melonie Rutherford, Frank Castle, Shavonne Hall, Grand Daddy iu, Miles Reach, Cortez, JR Da Future, Vic DaBaron, Rolly,  Wriott, Andrew Lewis, Nicole Vanessa Ortiz, Johnny Voltik, Oa, Sky James, Rob Julio Iglesias, Ms Cilla, Taiyamo Denku, Stress Da Glamour Kid, Bangem Bars, Assas, Tamppa, Elo, Evil, Time After, Lex B, korthes Strickling, GodBliss, Robyn Spree, SG, Cardi, Neno Broun, Trife Reality,  Dange, Eclipse, and Breeze.